John Rogers Families!!!

Can a pandemic stop us from doing a school yearbook?  NO WAY! Since school looks a little different this year, so will our yearbook, and we need your help.  This year our yearbook will have student portraits submitted by families. Please read the below directions for how to submit your child’s photo. 

Photos are DUE APRIL 30TH! 

The guidelines for portraits are as follows:

  • Recent, non-professional, color photo portraits only. Photos taken by a phone work great!
  • Please don’t use a professional studio shot.  
  • Make sure you have good lighting on your face, and not behind you. 
  • Full face view (no mask). 
  • Set up your background intentionally. It could be your usual work space, or something more interesting.  
  • Please don’t use creative filters, photographic treatments, or digital backgrounds.  
  • Clothing, jewelry, accessories, and background should not include anything that goes against the school dress code. 
  • No weapons or hand signs of any kind.

Yearbook portrait photos link!!!

If you cannot sign into Google, please email your student’s portrait with his/her First and Last name PLUS Teacher’s Name directly to

 We NEED photos!  Add any other photos you would like in the 2020-21 yearbook HERE!  Or email them to  These can include, but are not limited to:

·  5th grader “When We Were Younger” pictures (5th grade only! Share a picture of you from as far back as you can!)

·  JRE families: a picture of all of the people in your family who are members of the John Rogers students and staff

·  Remote Learning photos

·  Any artwork you want to share from this year

It seems more important than any other year to have your child in their Yearbook! Please get your photos in ASAP!