JR Weekly Update – Traffic Updates Included

Otter Families,

It was so good to see your children last week! School felt safe and healthy. All students were in the building by 8:05 A.M. This is quiet a feat considering our small drop off area. With our tiny drop off area in mind, we are already updating our procedures. You can see a new arrival and dismissal procedure below:

John Rogers Traffic Info
School Starts at 7:55 every day M-F. Supervision starts at 7:40 AM
School ends at 2:25 M,Tu,Th and F. School ends at 1:10 PM.

During Drop-Off and Pick-Up
*Follow the guidance from the traffic safety team in the neon vests. They manage traffic flow and ensure buses get through. Volunteers get their own children here and then give their time for all our students safety. Thank you for your help.
*Please have your child sit in the back seat (it’s the law) and all children should exit/enter cars on the passenger side. This may mean you have to rearrange car seats, but it helps things go smoothly for everyone.
*Do not block intersections. Buses need a lot of space to turn the corners.
*Staff and Volunteers are here to help! If you’re not sure what to do, just ask someone. *If you’re interested in helping, please contact Michelle mpdougherty@seattleschools.org in the front office to start the volunteer process.

Starting at 7:40A.M. students and family are welcome on the playground considering the following:

1) Everyone wears properly fitting masks.
2) Everyone continues to honor 6’ physical distance.
3) Students wait near their classroom dots.
4) Only staff and students are allowed inside the building.
5) Parents leave the playground after school staff start supervision

We feel this will provide for a more welcoming environment and offer a safer alternative to waiting closely together in the small area near the north gate.

Again, families are welcome to wait for children near their classroom dots starting at 8AM. If you choose to wait on the playground for your children, please either:

1) Park on the south end of the playfield or
2) Walk or
3) Ride a bicycle
During afternoon pickup 109th St. (the one leading to the school) turns into a one-way street moving through the school. All wheeled traffic must ride up the hill. The right lane of traffic should be reserved for busses. The left lane is reserved for cars. Please do not park on 109th St.
In short if Car Pickups have two options:
Option 1: Stay in your car and meet your child at the circle.
Option 2: Park along 105th St and walk up to the playground through the field. Meet your child at their line up spot.
More specific car pick-up and drop-off procedures below.
Walkers – Meet your child on the blacktop in the playground. The playground will remain closed after school.

We will continue to provide supervision to students as they walk to the after-school program or to their busses.

Finally, please ensure your student knows how they will get home every day. You are welcome to share this information with your classroom teacher too.


Morning Procedure
*Staff are on the playground and in the drop off area starting at 8:40 AM. Children should not be dropped off any earlier.
*Pull down the NE 109th, leaving room for the bust lane along the curb.
*Children should be ready to exit the vehicle with their backpacks and coats.
*Children should only exit the vehicle at the drop off area near the traffic circle.
*Pull all the way up to the traffic safety team members at the circle. They will open the door and help your children safely to the sidewalk.
*All children should exit the passenger side.

*Pull down 109th, leaving room for the bus lane at the curb.
*Please pull as far left as possible, put car in park, and remain in your vehicle. This leaves the center lane open for passing vehicles.
*Do not leave your vehicle.
*Pull up to the safety team member signaling you. Volunteers will help your child into the car.
*If your child is not at the pick-up area when you pull up, you may be asked to drive around the block. This is necessary to maintain traffic flow.
*To keep the line moving and to keep physical distance, we encourage children to buckle themselves in so you can be on your way and make room for the next vehicle.
*Please watch the sidewalks and crosswalks carefully.

Family Connectors University

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) families are invited to join North Seattle College’s Family Connectors University (FCU) class, a family-focused online course designed to help parents support their child’s learning and growth.

In partnership with North Seattle College and SPS Family Partnerships Department, topics include:
– Helping your child with learning
– Social Emotional Learning ideas for home
– Becoming a supportive partner at your school
– Helping your child with ‘big emotions’
– Supporting your child with reading and math
– Talking to kids about race, racism, and antiracist actions

Take this course in real-time or attend offline at a time that works for you. Check out video here and course details here.

Participants report that this year’s pandemic-informed curriculum has been immensely helpful to families during remote learning:

“The Family Connectors University class was a wealth of practical ideas, and definitely worth the time investment!”

“…the conversations about self-care, supporting our kids’ social emotional growth, dealing with “big feelings” and recommendations on supporting reading and math were fantastic.”

“Implementing just a few of these ideas brought the pressure level in our ‘locked-down’ household from a 9 to a 2.”

“I loved the chance to have one hour to myself each week to get ideas for helping my child and talk with other parents.”

The class takes place online via Zoom for 10 weeks beginning Tuesday, September 28th at 6-7 pm. Parents can participate synchronously or asynchronously, as sessions will be recorded.

Course is facilitated by NSC Parent Education Instructor Lea Evans, Principal Janine Roy, SPS Family Partnerships Coordinator Asosa Sailiai, and special guest speakers.

The cost for the 2-unit class is $39.42 and some scholarships are available. Email Asosa Sailiai to enroll or find out more information: amsailiai@seattleschools.org.

Welcome to JRE 21-22

JRE Families,

We are so looking forward to seeing our 1st-5th grade students tomorrow! Reminder this is not an early release day; however, all Wednesdays moving forward. I know many of you are feeling anxious about your child’s return because of the Delta variant. I want you to know that your children’s safety is of utmost importance to us. We are erring on the side of caution to every extent possible, and we are committed to implementing procedures that will keep your child as safe as possible. Please reach out with any questions.

One important way to help your child prepare for the first day an manage Covid anxiety is to practice, practice, practice routines like mask wearing, keeping 6’ physical distance and washing hands thoroughly. You should also talk with your child about how they are feeling and let them know you and school staff are there for them. Click here for more tips..

Upcoming Dates:
9/1 First day of school 1st-5th (not early release)
9/9 First day of School for Kindergarten

Bell Schedule:
7:55-2:25 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
7:55-1:10 Wednesday

Children can enter the JRE school either through the North Gate or through the South Gate starting at 7:40 AM. If your student is eating breakfast, staff will direct them to the cafeteria and then to the covered play-court to eat. JRE staff will be stationed at each gate, prepared to help your child get to their outdoor waiting area. Please remind your child the last name of their teacher and their grade level.

We will follow a tiered dismissal to ensure students maintain physical distancing. First students riding the bus will be dismissed. Next students attending MOOSE will be dismissed. Next students walking home will be dismissed (please tell your student if you will meet them at the North or South gate.) Finally students being picked up by car will be dismissed to the front of the building where we have created physical distanced waiting areas.

Device Distribution
Students will receive a device at school. iPads for K-2 and laptops for 3-5. We are still determining the plan for how students will bring them back and forth. There is a device form that will go home the first week and a $25 fee can be paid on School Pay or via check. If you would like to have the fee waived contact the main office dlkeene@seattleschools.org

Our child should bring: a backpack, raincoat, water bottle and two masks. Consider packing an extra pair of clothes in their backpack in the event they get wet outside.

We will provide FREE breakfast and lunch for any student. A reminder that in September and most of October students will be eating outside in the covered play court. Our school safety team will re-evaluate all procedures for safety monthly starting in Mid-September.

Students will play with their class in one of many zones that rotate daily.

The transportation department has sent families bus route info54rmation. If you have questions, please call 206-252-0900

When to Keep Your Child Home: Please keep your child home if they are sick. The health of our children will depend on all of us doing our part. Click for When to Keep Your Child Home Guide.

In partnership

Brent Ostbye

Principal John Rogers Elementary

JRE Midweek Out of Cycle Update

JRE Families,

Please pardon the out of cycle letter. I want to invite you to join me on Sunday evening from 6-7PM, for a brief overview of what a return to school will look like in Seattle Public Schools and more specifically at John Rogers. You can join the meeting by going to this link:

Microsoft Teams meeting
Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting
Or call in (audio only)
+1 206-800-4125,,509125445#  United States, Seattle
Phone Conference ID: 509 125 445#

Find a local number  | Reset PIN
Learn More | Help | Meeting options

Additionally, SPS technology systems have given families access to draft class lists, if you’ve seen the list, please know it’s a draft and likely to change. If you haven’t seen the list and can refrain from looking, please do so.

JRE Weekly Update

JRE Families,

At JRE, we are busily preparing for the start of the 21/22 school year. As we said goodbye in June, COVID transmission was down, vaccination rates were steadily climbing and I felt hopeful optimist for a child vaccine for Fall. In fact, I wrote a lunch plan thinking “We will use this plan for the first few months of school, kids will be back with masks for a few months and then on to normal (Plus things we’ve learned about teaching during COVID.

We all know the Delta variant had different ideas. In addition to our typical work getting ready for school, we’ve been working to implement multiple mitigation strategies. We will encourage 3’ distance whenever possible and are setting up classrooms with this in mind. In almost all classrooms, students will share a table with one other student, but be seated more than 3′ from all other students. Ventilation mitigation strategies are in effect and windows will be open as much as possible. Our heightened cleaning schedule will continue and we will encourage good hand hygiene you’re your students. Children, staff and visitors will be required to wear masks whenever they are in the building. All school staff either are or will be vaccinated shortly.

We are currently writing a lunch plan which tentatively will allow all students to eat in the covered playcourt. As the weather turns colder, we will monitor the effectiveness of this plan. We are asking that you bring your children to JRE as close to the 7:55 start time as possible, limiting the amount of time your child spends outside their classroom. Although our current agreements note we are no longer mandated to cohort, we will do so to the best of our abilities.

In addition to our work planning teaching and learning as well as safety precautions, things are getting underway for the new building. Surveyors have been sighting property lines, well-drillers have been taking core samples to determine where the water table lies and the City of Seattle Landmark Board determined that JRE is not a historical landmark. Thanks to all that wrote letters to the board as this decision clears the way for a complete tear-down an rebuild of JRE.

As we look forward to a very busy 21/22 school year, please know that your children are in very caring hands. SPS staff, teachers, admin, IAs, family support workers, office staff, nurses, counselors and custodial services care very much about the safety of your children. We are prepared to pivot as we have throughout this pandemic to provide safe quality learning opportunities.

In partnership,
Brent Ostbye

John Rogers Elementary

School Supplies

School supplies will be provided free to all John Rogers students this school year. Families do not need to purchase any supplies. However, we do suggest students come to school with a backpack and a water bottle. If your student needs a backpack, please contact Andrea Bergan, Family Support Worker, at 206-252-4331 or aebergan@seattleschools.org.

We look forward to seeing students on September 1st (Kindergarten, September 9).

School Bell times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:55 AM to 2:25 PM

Wednesday: 7:55 AM to 1:10 PM

We encourage families that may be eligible to complete the free/reduced school lunch form from the SPS website as soon as possible through the link below or via paper copy (available from school). https://www.seattleschools.org/departments/culinary-services/

Go Otters!