Fundraising for John Rogers

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Our May 2022 fundraiser results — Goal: $10,000 $20,000

Great work, Otters!

Thank you to all who gave for supporting our PTA and our school! Donations are always accepted and appreciated. Click here if you’d like to make a donation. Any amount helps!

Easy Fundraising for John Rogers? Yes, it’s true!
Check out the following ways to help raise funds for our school!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Are you a Fred Meyer Customer?

You are now able to link your Rewards Card to John Rogers Elementary by following the link below. Whenever you use your Rewards Card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping our school earn donations from Fred Meyer. If you do not have a Rewards Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer store.  Click here!

Shop at Fred Meyer & support John Rogers


Not currently available due to COVID. Schoola offers quality clothing at up to 70% off retail with 40% of proceeds benefiting our kids (with free shipping). SHOP NOW!

Joh Rogers Schoola

Tell your favorite stores about John Rogers

Many of the larger chain stores (and some of the little Mom and Pops) give John Rogers a percentage of what you spend – BUT ONLY IF you let them know that’s where you want the money to go. Ask at Office Depot. You can also go online to and sign up so that every time you shop at Safeway, Macy’s or Eddie Bauer, they put aside a percentage for John Rogers. We’re listed as Rogers Elementary School PTA.
Website: EScrip

Boxtops for Education

Each Boxtop you cut out and bring in is worth 10¢ for John Rogers. Look for the boxtops on many of the items you buy regularly for your family – watch the expiration dates!

Website: Boxtops 4 Education

Campbells Soup Labels

Clip out the UPC (barcode) on the soup label. We can’t redeem the entire label – just the little barcode box with the logo that says Labels for Education. Collect a bundle and put them into the box outside the office. Campbells tallies how many points we’ve collected and we earn materials and supplies.

Website: Campbells

Help your favorite cause or charity every time you shop online, the iGive Button makes it simple.  It’s all free and so easy to be socially-conscious!

The stores make this possible because they want you to like them and shop at them over and over again.  There’s 1708 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen.

To learn more or sign up now, use this link:

Recycle printer cartridges and cell phones

A company named EcoPhones is recycling your old inkjet printer cartridges and working cell phones. There will be a box by the office to receive these items. John Rogers earns money back depending on the item recycled.

Website: EcoPhones

Recycle drink pouches and Elmer’s glue sticks and bottles

We have partnered with Terracycle to recycle drink pouches (like Capri-sun & Honest juice containers) and Elmer’s glue sticks and bottles. John Rogers receives money depending on the amount recycled. Bring these items into school to be recycled. You will find the drink pouch black container in the lunch room. And the Elmer glue bins in the Kindergarten and First grade classrooms as well as the hallway.