Worldwide Culture Night – 6/1

Thursday, June 1, 2023, 5:30-7:30pm

We count on volunteers to make our night so special! Please consider volunteering. Sign up here!

Join us for Worldwide Culture Night, a fun multicultural evening of food, activities, performances and displays brought to you by John Rogers PTA, Student Leadership Council, teachers, staff, AND our entire community! 

This event includes a light potluck and an interactive evening exploring the many cultures and stories of our school community.

All are invited to attend & your participation is encouraged!

Email if you have questions.

Student Poster:

  • Your students will bring home poster paper to make a poster to share your cultural history, traditions, language, interests, stories, history, etc. We are defining “culture” broadly.
    • Consider including any of these: customs/holidays, interesting facts, transportation, sightseeing places, language, animals, population/demographics, climate, history, sports teams you love, games and activities you participate in at home.
    • Please have posters returned to classrooms on Thursday, May 25th.

Other ways to participate: 

  • Bring a dish to share for the potluck
    • Examples: sweets, spring rolls, tortillas, azifa, samosas, injera, challah, horchata
    • *School will provide plates, eating utensils, cups, and napkins.
  • Create an informational display 
    • Display item examples: photos, artifacts, artwork a diorama with flags, food/drink, photos, maps, toys/games, books, fabrics, currency, etc
    • Arts & crafts: demonstrations, displays, jewelry, henna, traditional dress, music, language
  • Wear something that represents your culture: who you are, what you do or love at home. 
  • Show up on  June 1st for Worldwide Culture Night!

How do I get started?

  • Talk with your family about things you do and love at home (favorite foods, sports teams, heritage, cultural or family traditions).
  • Look at family photos, and look around your house for things that represent your family (artwork, statues, books, movies, toys, etc.).
  • Go to the library and check out a book.
  • Find a friend from school who shares your culture.

Sign up using our online form to bring something here!

Or print out a copy of the form to give to your classroom teacher here.

Form translations:

Thanks so much to Tu, Joel, and Ivan for their help with translations!