John Rogers Weekly Newsletter


JRE Families,

Thank you for your partnership this week. The staff at JRE recognize and appreciate all the work families are doing to help students access their education. I hope that the weekend brings you rest and relaxation.

As we continue down the path of remote learning, please communicate with your classroom teacher what’s working for you and your family as well as what might make your child’s experience better. Additionally, please try to find some of the positives that remote learning might offer.

We’ve talked with the provider about giving him choice as to when he completes his independent work, but that he will need to complete that work before watching TV or playing Pokemon at home. So, after we return home and he eats his late afternoon snack, we go about completing his daily assignments. He sits on my lap as we complete his first-grade work. I do my best not to get frustrated with all the tech play and messing about. I need to remind myself that this is also part of the learning process. When he has completed his work, I know exactly what he’s been working on, and in turn feel more involved in his learning.

Moving forward we are planning our first all school assembly on September 30th from 8:30 in the morning until 8:45. We are still working out all the details involved in moving 300 students to a new virtual location, but we hope that families will join us for the assemblies. We know they’ll follow a consistent routine of:

  • Principals Message
  • Counselors Message
  • Community Spotlight
  • Optimistic Close

If you are interested in celebrating your culture or a special talent you’d like to share with the community. Please contact Stephanie Trinneer or Ximena Grollmus at

Finally, thank you for coming to supplies pick-up. Staff loved seeing all the children, families and banners on your vehicles!

In partnership,

Brent Ostbye


John Rogers Elementary

___________________________________________________________________________________________________Sept. 3, 2020

JRE Families,

Thank you for your patience as you have prepared for the 20/21 school year. Additionally, I’d like to thank the JRE staff for their tireless work throughout the summer, as we had teams planning for remote learning, a safe return to the classroom and for systems that are more racially equitable. Our teachers are true pros.

Since last Thursday, we have been learning about the technology we will utilize this year. That includes Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw and Schoology. Additionally, we’ve been learning about how to help care for your children’s emotional needs. We’ve also spent a significant amount of time discussing how to make this complex undertaking simple and repeatable for families while recognizing that we will learn and grow through out teaching this year.

Last night, 3rd -5th grade students received instructions for retrieving Seattle Public Schools (SPS) distributed laptops. Dana, Andrea and Michelle are excited to see you when you retrieve your laptop. As soon as iPads are available for pick-up, we will let you know.

We are working on publishing our master schedule. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we will follow the general schedule below:

8:30 AM All  SEL Learning through Class Meetings (All students will be live)

9:00 AM Live Academic Instruction starts (usually this will be in ELA) Teachers will provide a daily lesson, and then move to working with small groups. While working with small groups, teachers will be available to all students, some may have to wait, much like we do in school.

At 10:00 AM all students will participate in a 15 minute recess.

At 10:15 AM classes start another academic block (usually Math) that will follow roughly the same format as the 9:00AM block

At 11:45, we ask that students read independently, take lunch and get some movement in.

At 1:00 teachers will engage in 15 minutes of family connection time. Usually this will be with 1 family at a time.

Throughout the afternoon students will participate in Science or Social Studies lessons as well as complete independent work assigned earlier in the week. Teachers will close the day connecting with families from 2:45-3:00.

Music and Physical Education will be inserted throughout the day. Please look to your classroom teacher for a class specific schedule.

On Wednesdays, students will meet at 8:30 AM for a class meeting centered on SEL. Then they will participate in a 1 hour reading block. Followed by 1 hour of independent learning. Teachers will make family connections between 11:00-11:30. Students will have the afternoon to complete independent math assignments as well as eat lunch and get some exercise.

Please know that at school we do a significant amount of differentiation or making sure that each student gets what they need. The schedule above is a general schedule, we may deviate from it from time to time, as we would for Art projects led by parents. Additionally, we will work to create a consistent schedule of synchronous/asynchronous learning, but please know some topics require more whole group instruction, some less. Our start times for synchronous learning will always be consistent.

Finally, we will be learning how to best provide remote learning. Our program is guided by research from experts in the field, but we want your feedback in improving our remote learning/teaching. Please use the family connection time to tell us how things are going for your child.

The schedule above will start on Sept. 14, but our smart start starts tomorrow at 8:30 AM. We are so excited to see you and your children!

In partnership,

Brent Ostbye


John Rogers Elementary