Add your farewells to a Kudoboard!

A number of beloved JR staff are leaving at the end of the school year and we’d love to send them off with well wishes and memories of their time at the school. Please have your child/ren (or yourself!) add a message, photo, or video to the Kudoboard of the teachers and staff who have contributed to their time at JR. It’s easy to do — just click on the name of the person you want to leave a message for and you’ll be brought to their Kudoboard. Click on “add to board” and you can type a message or upload a photo or video. (All messages you add to a Kudoboard are viewable by others who visit the board. If you’d like to send a message to just the staff person, you can find email addresses in the staff directory.)

New boards:

Kristen Reeves, 4th grade teacher

Ana Lemoine, instructional assistant


Aron Bodwitch, head teacher 

Michael Caoagdan, first grade teacher 

Michelle Dougherty, office assistant 

Kayla Drummond, special education teacher 

Ximena Grollmus, counselor 

Katy Hanson, art teacher  

Candice Holsapple, playground supervisor and health room (& COVID testing superhero!) 

Dana Keene, administrative secretary 

Faosiyah Madres, first grade teacher

Ting Phonsanam, instructional assistant