You can help our school immensely by volunteering your time!
There are many opportunities to do so…please read below and find what’s a good fit for you!

New Volunteer Requirements

The following forms must be completed each year you wish to volunteer

For questions please contact the school office 206-252-4320.

At Events:

Kid Mail will alert you to the needs of upcoming events – helping with set-up or take down, with ticket collecting, helping with events, or running the whole show. It’s a whirlwind of activity and a great way to get to know students better!

At Home:

Does your child’s teacher need help gluing artwork? Cutting things out? Preparing projects for the class to complete? Does the PTA need help putting together a Kid Mail notice or stapling directories? If you are able to help by doing things at home, this is an often overlooked avenue to also help the school.

At School:

We have after school clubs that need parental involvement, lunch room server openings, traffic safety (before/after school) needs, and many other ways you can help if you have extra time during school hours.

On the PTA:

Behind-the-scenes help is always needed and appreciated. Do you want to be the chair of a committee? Help someone else with their tasks? Want to work with our librarian, with the swimming program, fundraising, etc.? There are many positions where you can serve.