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2014 Auction Donors

The spreadsheet attached to this post contains a list of prospective auction donors and whether they’ve already donated. Click the link to download the file and find out if your favorite donors are being contacted!

Posted Donors
(last updated March 25, 2014 5:37 am)

The spreadsheet will be updated periodically, so check this post often for the latest version.

2014 Auction Forms

The 2014 John Rogers PTA Auction, the PTA’s primary fundraiser for the year, is ramping up. Do you know people or businesses that might donate services or goods to the auction? Attached to this post you will find three documents related to the auction.

  • What is the Auction – Information about, and an invitation to, this year’s auction.
  • Procurement Letter – A letter to provide prospective donors when asking for donations.
  • Procurement Form 2014 – Information form for each donation, to be provided to the auction coordinators with each donation.

Take a moment to download and print the procurement form so that you have it available to provide to prospective donors. A procurement form needs to accompany anything donated to the auction. If you have any questions about the procurement form feel free to contact Laura Teeuw at the phone number provided on the form.

Auction Fire Sale!

This past Saturday was the date for the John Rogers PTA Spring Fling 2013 auction. The auction went well, and people enthusiastically scooped up most of the offered items. However, there are a few more items available that didn’t sell at the auction. Included at the bottom of this post is a linked spreadsheet containing a list of the available items and their value, minimum auction price, and their oh-so-low bargain basement price!

The items will be available to purchase at their fire sale price in the John Rogers cafeteria after the next PTA meeting at 7:00 PM on May 21st.

2013 Silent Auction Items

Here they are! Well, at least here’s a list of them. The Spring Fling Auction is right around the corner. Included in this announcement are two files. The two files contain listings and descriptions of the items in each silent auction section. Browse through the list to find out which items you want to bid on so you can head right to them when you get to the auction.